Introducing the 1st certified “Sinus Relief Center” in the United States.

The Sinus Relief Center provides both medical and surgical management and disorders of the nose. We perform a full range of ENT procedures on both children and adults including:

  • The latest techniques in Balloon Sinuplasty™ surgery
  • Functional and cosmetic nasal surgery
  • Pediatric ENT medical and surgical treatment

The Sinus Relief Center is now offering the Balloon Sinuplasty™ procedure in an office-based setting which provides the following advantages for patients:

  • Offers a potential option for patients who fail medical management, but decline or are ineligible for traditional surgery
  • Lowers the financial burden for eligible patients (reduced copay and procedural costs)
  • Enables a conservative approach which preserves future treatment options.

We are nationally-recognized trainers for minimally invasive sinus surgery.


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